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[links] too much information, running through my brain

Here's information I've collected on various pieces of paper, which really needs to be in one place (ie, here):

- Thick Description, a SF theatre. I used to know the person who runs this, Tony Kelly.

- Afri-Cola, a cola with incredibly high caffeine content. If I read German, I could tell you more.

- Comics Curmudgeon. A daily commentary on comic strips.

- E-Tech 2008, the O'Reilly Emerging Technologies Conference. Looks Totally Awesome.

-, a website to help you find gifts. A good thing to keep around for an emergency.

- Flogging Molly, an Irish American punk band. They're coming to Sacramento next week!

- Cyberchase - The Chase Is On! A touring exhibit, but I can't seem to find any list of all the cities on the tour.

- Body Worlds at the Tech in San Jose. I totally need to go see this.

- Calls for Cthulhu. Have a question for the dark one, just give him a ring!
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