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[links] things to do when TV is gone

In preparing for the day that there is no new TV (at least, no new TV of value) because producers don't pay writers anything for downloads, here's some other things to do:

Watch Internet TV

- Super Deluxe. Whole lotta stuff here.
- Clark and Michael. That's Michael as in Michael Cera from "Arrested Development", which automatically makes this funny.
- My Damn Channel. Harry Shearer, Harry Shearer!
- That Mitchell and Webb site. I've blogged about this awesome duo before and they continue to be awesome.

I'm assuming that all these sites are owned by their creators/writers and thus that a writer is getting paid for it. Also, the BBC writers are not on strike (I believe).

Play Internet Games

- Addicting Games. There's some good fun stuff here.
- Girls Go Games. I'm not as thrilled about this one, as it's a lot of shopping and princess so YMMV.

UPDATE: Fixed the two game-related URLs.
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