jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

the holiday continues

Saturday was:
- Write 700 words on "Breaking In" in the morning (at the last scene now).
- French toast for breakfast at the in-laws.
- Fitness center and bodyshaping class (major numbers of squats, ouch).
- Turkey masala curry for lunch (yum!).
- Trees (real and fake) obtained, put up, and decorated.
- Whole Foods pizza for dinner.
- Watch Sac State Women's Volleyball smack down Portland State (including monstrous 18-2 comeback to win game 3) for the Big Sky title and the NCAA berth.
- Watch Steven Banks Home Entertainment Center tape and all were amazed (more on that later). Do work while watching.
- Crash.

Good day, though not as much writing (revising) or financials as desired.
Tags: breaking in, thanksgiving, volleyball

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