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new stories and new vows

"Breaking In" is about wrapped up, I have the last scene left (hopefully done today).

I played around with a new story, "The Friendship Repair Shop", yesterday morning. The title will change, as it's not about the shop but about the guy who goes to the shop, but I do like the beginning.

Daniel went to the Friendship Repair Shop because he was being stalked by Crogdor.

"Crogdor?" said Magda, the small, stocky, Russian woman with hair the color of a pearl. Magda owned the Friendship Repair Shop. "What is Crogdor?"

"He's my imaginary friend from when I was six."

I typed in the notes for "Fishing Trip" last night and have two days to revise it and send it in to the Norwescon workshop. I also want to try to revise "Real Space" and send it in as well, but that might take until Dec 2 (but it will hopefully get in).

At Orycon, I remembered that I need to read. So I have a new vow: read a story a day. I'm trying it out and it works pretty well.
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