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No, Really (from blogspot)

I'm really doing this. In fact, I'm doing this so much I don't have time to blog.

Update: 2006 was the year of "Write, Dang It!". In the year, I was able to write or significantly revise 10 stories. The SacSpecFic writing group was a significant spur in getting writing done and getting good feedback on the first version of stories. Critters ( was tremendous for getting a large variety of good critiques on stories (usually 8-16 critiques on a story). I kept entering WOTF, but last two entries ("Brandon Magi", Q4 2006 and "Hunters", Q1 2007) both did not place.

2007 is the year of "Get Good Enough to Sell". The current plan of how to get better is: revise stories one or more times, based on feedback from people way better than me. Where to get this feedback? My current thought is SFF online writing workshop ( , Critters (to some extent), and writing workshops. Most sci-fi conventions have writing workshops, in particular Potlatch ( and Norwescon (

There are also some week-long writing workshops like Orson Scott Card Bootcamp ( and Viable Paradise ( These are "apply and see if you get invited" workshops, so there's no guarantee there, but one might as well give it a shot and see what happens.

And, of course, there are the big spec fic workshops: Clarion, Clarion West and Odyssey. But those are six-week workshops and there's no way that's going to happen this year.

In the meantime, it's keep writing and keep trying to get better. We'll see how that goes!
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