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We Have Exploratorium-ed

Today at the Exploratorium was fun. We ended up spending more time on the bus (4.5 hours) than in the Exploratorium itself (4 hours), but the kids ran around and had a good time and hopefully learned some science. At least, I tried to teach them some when I was interacting with them. I had 10 kids to corral. I did a decent job, and only lost a couple.

Pat Murphy works at the Exploratorium, and I keep hoping I'll run into her. But I didn't.

It was a crystal-clear day in San Francisco, so clear that I felt like ditching the field trip and heading out for a wild time in the city. The adult side of my mind prevailed. The hedonist resented, but after a while was placated by all the Cool Science Toys.

And now it's a couple Snakebites (50% Harp Lager, 50% Blackthorne Cider), processing of email, and some LJ posting. A good night.
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