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Feb 7 SacSpec meeting

Went to SacSpecFic (the Sacramento Speculative Fiction group) and received critiques on "The Game of Chase". The comments were mostly positive, and I got some very good points on character actions and character traits. I also got feedback on my version of zombies, which aren't like the "standard" zombies. That is something I'll have to clean up.

Preparing "This Moment, and the Times Before" to submit to the Potlatch convention ( for their Writers Workshop. It's due Feb 9, and I finally have the time for some minor adjustments before the convention. I think this story has real potential, so I'm looking forward to getting it into the Workshop and seeing what feedback I get. Potlatch is a small literary convention (I went to it in SF in 2005), so it's always fun.

The Book of Honor at Potlatch is "Dimensions of Sheckley", a collection of excerpts from novels by Robert Sheckley. I ordered the book, along with "Masque of Manana", a collection of short stories, from NESFA (start at

They might not come before the convention so I checked out "Is THAT What People Do?", another collection of short stories. So far I'm really enjoying Sheckley's satirical stories, especially "The Robot Who Looked Like Me". It's a marvelous story about a time-challenged man who decides to outsource his romance, with a nice ending and thoughtful final twist. It's as relevant now (if not more so) than it was when first published in 1973. Highly recommended.
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