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Volleyball: Stanford barely wins

Well, Stanford pulled it off and won their semifinal Women's Volleyball Final Four match. But, let me tell you, it was in doubt all the way to the end. Stanford looked a little complacent, sluggish and messy. USC was tighter and got their hands on *everything* (touches on hits, amazing digs) and USC's star hitter (6'4" Asia Kaczor from Poland) was putting everything away.

Somehow, Stanford pulled it out. Yet, down 13-14 in the final game, and with USC serving for the match, Stanford let the serve go and it was out. Barely out. That's a little bit too complacent for me.

Final score: 23-30, 30-20, 30-25, 20-30, 16-14.

Saturday it's Stanford versus the Penn State / Cal winner. Don't know who that will be (we left after the first game, which Penn State won 30-28). Two-thirds the way through the first game I would have said Penn State but Cal hung in there and almost got it back. I still say Penn State.

Stanford's going to have to play much better Saturday than they did today. But they can do it. Go Stanford!

UPDATE: Penn State apparently turned it on and whacked Cal in 3 games. Stanford has their work cut out for them (but did beat Penn State early in the year). Go Stanford!
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