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And "Crogdor" is done

I went to Peet's after work today and finished off "When Crogdor Came Back". It clocked in at 4378 words. I ended up moving the last scene back to the science center (Explor-A-MAX) rather than a family reunion because a reunion carried too many complications.

There is some serious suckage in this story, the fourth under the "two stories a month" plan. No doubt about it. But it seems like there might be a bit less suckage than in "Breaking In", which might have had a bit less than "Real Space", which might have had a bit less than "Real Enuf 4 U" (which had a whole lotta lotta suckage).

Perhaps the percentage of suckage is decreasing. Oh so very slightly, but decreasing. That's encouraging.

Now I have to figure out what to enter into Writers of the Future, as the deadline is December 31. I think I'll run a poll! Poll coming soon.
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