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The Cardinal go for the championship! (UPDATE: But don't get it)

Tonight, in the NCAA Women's Volleyball Championship, it's Stanford versus Penn State! This should be a good game. Both teams are big, strong and quick.

Foluke Akinradewo, Stanford's excellent middle blocker, was just named Player of the Year. Awesome! Four starters were named All-Americans.

We're up in the nosebleed part of Arco. I wish I'd gotten on the ball and bought tickets earlier. Volleyball games are always wild. All the tall people come out to watch and I (at 6'2") am decidedly average. Heck, most of the starters will be taller than me.

Go Stanford!

UPDATE: Just not enough. Penn State won in five games. Stanford looked bad the first two (losing 25-30 and 26-30), good in third game (won 30-23), and incredibly awesome in game four (won 30-19). It was trending well for game five, but at 4-4 Stanford went flat and all of a sudden they were down 4-11. Penn State won 8-15 and that was that.

In general, Stanford struggled a lot. Passing was up and down (really really down in Game 5), and hits were too often fluffly and not pounding. Penn State, on the other hand, pounded kills all night, touched a lot on blocks, and had some excellent servers.

Bummer. Many of Stanford's big guns return next year. Maybe then.
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