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Potlatch 2007 Writing Workshop details received

I received my information for the Potlatch Writers Workshop. My session is Saturday, March 10 from 10AM to noon. I submitted the newest version of "This Moment, and the Times Before" for critique.

The pros reviewing my group are Jay Lake ( and L. Timmel Duchamp ( Yikes! There's only one other writer in my session, which means each of us gets an hour. Double Yikes! That's very intimidating and nerve-wracking, but also awesome.

Mary Rosenblum (, who is coordinating the workshop, is not one of the pros for the short story sessions. That's a bummer, as I picked up her collection "Synthesis & Other Virtual Realities" and have been enjoying it. I think my style and sensibilities and close to hers, so I'd be interested in her opinion. I might see if I can bribe her into a critique!

The preliminary Potlatch program is up (, and looks really good. I don't get there til Saturday morning, so I'll miss the Friday night fun. But I'll be there for the auction, almost all the sessions, and the Sunday brunch. I'm really looking forward to it!
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