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SF Comment: Oct-Nov 2007

Comments on stories for Oct-Nov 2007. The Analog subscription remained accidentally dropped in these months.

F&SF, Oct-Nov 2007
Favorite: "Two Weeks After" by M. Ramsey Chapman.
Two ghosts come back to visit their families and deal with unfinished business and feelings. A nicely done story with some good emotional sentiment and touching moments.

Also Enjoyed:
"Unpossible" by Daryl Gregory. A man goes looking for his childhood imagination and play friends. Likely using the character from "The Phantom Toolbooth," this was a fun looking at how someone does not grow up.

Asimov's, Oct-Nov 2007
Favorite: "Paid in Full" by Susan Forest.
An insect farmer (yes, insect farmer) deals with his relationship with a fellow farmer and the difficulties of the farming life. I still think the story didn't require the science fiction aspect, but I did like the characters and the resolution.

Also Enjoyed:
"At Sixes and Sevens" by Carol Emshwiller. A couple with an odd neighbor gets involved in the neighbor's life after the father dies.
"Leonid Skies" by Carl Frederick. An ex-moon scientist takes his son and a friend to an indoor campground to watch the Leonids, but has to deal with issues that arrive when everything is kept too safe.

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