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stalled on "The Dybbuk's Moll"

We had our work holiday celebration today and by the time it was done there was no good reason to go back to work, so I spent some time writing at Peets. I worked through the second scene of "The Dybbuk's Moll," but by the end was realizing the scene wasn't working. I finished it off and then took out a notebook and did some thinking.

My trouble with this story is not the backstory. I know the histories of the characters, what really happened, and reasons why they are doing what they're doing. But I don't know how to guide the detective through this history so he unearths the facts about everything. In the scene today, it quickly moved towards another character *telling* the detective everything. Sheeesh...

I was hoping for something like the classic plotline: get faced with a problem, try to solve and fail thus creating a new problem; try to solve and fail; take final action and either succeed or fail. But I can't yet link the detective's "problem" and "action" to what's needed to uncover what's happening here.

This is the same trouble that "Case of the Killer Dog" had at VP - everything was too easy, nothing changed for the main character, and the story didn't work because it came off flat. The feedback was right, and I think memories of that feedback are haunting me as I work on "Dybbuk's Moll".

I'll just have to let "Dybbuk's Moll" sit during the time I'm revising "Very Difficult Diwali" for WOTF. Maybe during this "time out" I can figure out what to do here.
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