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back into "When the Party of the First Part"

I started back into "When the Party of the First Part Met the Party of the Second Part (With Addendum and Rider)" tonight, after some LJ noodling. Cranked about 785 words on the rest of the first scene, and I also wrote the Rider.

This story is a bit of an odd duck, both in writing style and in tone. I'll be interested to see where it goes and ends up.

A sample:

I brooded on this the rest of the way towards work, and chided myself for my impulsiveness. To add insult to injury, I wouldn't even get my coffee. And yet, even as I worried myself to a frittering edge, I felt somewhat akin to the small boy who has found a loophole in the child-parent sweet treats contract and exploited it to maximum gain. I had stepped outside the standard forms of interaction, I had taken a chance. I felt the edge of freedom, the minor touch of a creative mind. I felt even a slight tinge of naughty.

(Note: this is "naughty" as given to in the first definition in the Network Dictionary, that being "mischevious". I state now that I do not mean to imply in any way anything to do with the second or third definitions, those being "indecent" or "evil". Thus, I am declaring that I am not liable for any offense that could be taken by readers who interpret "naughty" in the second or third dictionary meaning and might be inclined to pursue legal action for the various offensive thoughts that could enter their minds. Any thoughts are completely the property of the reader, and I am in no way responsible for these thoughts. Reading further indicates acceptance of this statement, as specified in the Uniform Reader Contract Act of 2012).
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