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Ack! The Polyphony submission deadline is Real Soon Now!

So, I'm reading the LJ of VPXI roomie markteppo and he mentions that there's a deadline for an anthology coming up mid-month. Wondering which it was, I read further and discover - it's Polyphony.

Oh wait, *I* thought the Polyphony 7 deadline was January 31. The Wheatland Press website confirms it's the 15th.

I'm glad I checked buuuut my mental submission model was: select a story this weekend, then engage in a nice month of slow, careful revision and story improvement; well, that just went out the window. Now what?

I have two challenges: finding a story that I think could be appropriate for Polyphony, and revising that story to the best degree of goodness I can by January 15.

I've been reading Polyphony 6 recently, so I'm starting to get an oh-so-slight feel for what they like. Of the stories sitting around ready for revision, the following are in the ballpark. But each has issues.

- "The Kid, The King, and the Devil's Washboard". Probably the most Polyphony-esque story in concept, but it's a complete and utter mess and would need major work.

- "Old Town, New Man, New Town, Old Man". In the genre with its parallelism and timeline changes, but it gets a little clinical in the middle. Needs some serious work (including historical research), but there's something in there. Somewhere in there.

- "The Fishing Trip". Highly appropriate, very "fantasy world but real world" and I like what the story is trying to say. But it went off to the Norwescon Workshop so it's ineligible.

- "Owl, Cat, Cigarette". Pretty appropriate, but only 750 words. According to the guidelines, way too short. Yet Polyphony 6 has multiple short-shorts. Yet I do *not* want to come off as a new writer who thinks "these guidelines certainly don't apply to *me*".

- "Real Enuf 4 U". Maybe appropriate, but another one that's a real mess and needs a lot of work. Might be too close to straight science fiction rather than slipstream/cross-genre.

- "Crow and Samoset". I think this could work, and it's probably my best story right now, buuut it's only 1750 words. Too short again.

- "Echoes of Oceans of Distant Lands". Some nice stuff in it, but it's too short (940 words) and I published it on the blog. So probably ineligible.

Hmmm. I have my work cut out for me. I'll keep reading Polyphony 6 and make a decision after I finish the rewrite of "Breaking In". We'll see what happens. But no matter what, I will submit something. After all, I took an oath!

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