jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

The revision, it is done.

"Breaking In" has been revised, and has gone off to SacSpec for Wednesday crit meeting.

Overall, I ended up more pleased with it than I thought I'd be. I did do a lot of rewriting, but there was actually stuff in there I decided to keep. It also grew during the revision and ended up at 7700 words. That's a completely terrible length for a story (just a tad over "short story" but a way short "novelette"). In the next revision, it will have to either grow or shrink but I'll wait to see what SacSpec says.

Now it's on to a couple Critters crits, SacSpec crits, and picking the story for Polyphony. I'm still up in the air over what to do. The website says that word count is open, but that 4,000-10,000 is "preferred". Argh. What's a new writer who wants to make a good impression to do?

The answer is probably: send in your best work. This will require some more thinking.
Tags: breaking in, polyphony, writing

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