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[fiction] a fragment of "Let Me In, Let Me In"

The first deathless_pose prompt came out Sunday night. It was "Wet footprints on the floor". I tried it against my four meta-subjects (robots, aliens, space travel, and urban mythology) and it stuck against "urban mythology" with a first pass first line of "My roommate is a pig."

I cranked the entire story out in about 2.5 hours (1.5 at Peets and 1 at home). The total was 1866 words, longer than expected. The beginning is behind the cut. The full story is posted at deathless_pose behind a member lock, and I might post it here as well. We'll see...

Let Me In, Let Me In
by Jeff Soesbe

This whole thing happened because my roommate was a pig.

I don't mean *that* kind of pig. Sure, he *was* pretty messy. The apartment was always littered with cheap beer and diet soda all over the place, wet footprints on the floor outside the shower, dirty dishes in the sink. But, hey, it's not like I'm a neat freak. And besides this was college, junior year, and what are two guys on their own going to be but messy? So that wasn't a problem.

No, I mean he really was a pig. Suidae Sus Sapiens, the kind of pig that walks and talks, works at the grocery store, or runs a major corporation. I didn't have any problem with it at all. I'm a pretty open-minded dude, and I've had some roommates who were a hell of a lot worse than Peter was. (And yes, that was his name, Peter? What were you expecting, Porky? C'mon, this is the real world, not some stupid fantasy cartoon land.)

And let me tell you, Peter could cook. Even on the small amount of cash we had left after chopping rent and utilities out of our suck-ass library job salaries, we managed to eat really well. I completely attribute it to Peter's skill in the kitchen. He'd loved vegetables and fruit, and he'd take the leftover in the fridge and whip up a meal you wouldn’t believe.

So life was good. We liked a lot of the same stuff: thrash metal, monster movies, online war games. The only thing we didn't have in common was our taste in girls, which is where the story begins.

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