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F&SF February 2007

An okay month for F&SF, with one highlight. The short story "Red Card" by S. L. Gilbow was an absolute stunner. It takes a fascinating premise, which I'm not going to ruin by giving it here, and explores the premise in depth with a look at how one specific person is affected. It also has a nice kick at the ending.

Afterwards, I thought about the story and realized it also could be seen as a commentary on various social issues and governmental practices. Again, I don't want to give it away. Go read the story. Go read it! It's apparently Mr. Gilbow's *first* published story. Astounding. I look forward to many more.

A couple other stories in the Feb 2007 F&SF were fun and well-executed: "Fool" by John Morissey, and the first half of a new Guth Bandar story "The Helper and His Hero" by Matthew Hughes (which are always entertaining). But "Red Card" was a stand-out story for me, and is already on my personal Hugo Ballot nomination list.
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