jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

the "listen to your body" update

The leg muscle injury I suffered Friday is still bothering me. The worst part is that I keep re-aggravating it when I try to go too fast or change directions or trip on a chair in the dark and put all my weight on my left leg (not fun, no not fun at all).

Saturday night I fell asleep reading in bed and woke up Sunday morning with a lightly strained back muscle (the one from under the left shoulder blade to my lower back, my favorite one to strain).

This is along with the already prickly left hamstring where it attaches in the glute and the sore right knee (inside ligament). Both are, I believe from running.

Finally, there's the ongoing low-level of sinus congestion that I should probably see the doctor about because it's been a long time.

So after hobbling around most of the weekend, I've decided it's "take it easy" time. This week is just low-level non-pounding cardio work (elliptical or exercycle), situps and stretching. This time, I'm listening to the body. Unfortunately, I ain't getting any younger. And it's a good opportunity to try to eat less junk. Mmmm, junk. I'll miss you.
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