jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

Frankly, I'm just swamped!

Need to do a software release by close of business Friday, so there's emailing and testing and bugfixing galore.

A personnel change on the team will create some major work flux for Quite Some Time.

I got my Polyphony submission revised and mailed by Tuesday afternoon. I used "Crow and Samoset". We'll see how it goes.

The Very Cool Thing progresses well, it has been a good chunk of effort but it's almost there.

The New Opportunity from the Very Nice Person has top precedence. There's still a lot to do there.

I haven't written any brand new words in a while and the deathless_pose prompt is cooking in the old brain-pan. I also need to do comments on stories there, and thank people for comments. And "When The Party of The First Part" is lingering, unfinished ("Finish what you start").

Oh yeah, Critters. I have a story in the queue and need to get on critiques. And I still haven't thanked Critters for comments on "Padre" from way back.

Sleep? What's that? I'll sleep when I'm dead.

Back to it.
Tags: life

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