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TV Comment: "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles" Episode 1 & 2

First of all, "Sarah Connor Chronicles". Try saying that five times fast.

I think the theme of "T:SCC" has to be "Abandon all logic, ye who enter here". It seems like whenever popular media does science fiction, they essentially treat it like magic. If we want it to happen, it can happen. Logic problems? Bah.

Believe me there are a lot of logic problems in "T:SCC", and in fact in the "Terminator" series in general.

Some good stuff

The twist at the end of the first episode where they traveled into the future (ie, the present). Once they locked themselves in the bank vault I knew what was coming, but I was surprised when I figured it out.

Lena Headey. Lena Headey earns points because she looks like C.

Summer Glau kicks butt very well and has that "I'm way crazier than you are" look.

The BFG (Big Freaking Gun). The gun in the vault was a good Big Freaking Gun.

Episode Logic problems

Way too much bullet-dodging. For example, the windshield explodes and everyone ducks and only Sarah takes a bullet and it's in the shoulder. The humans should have died.

Lena Headey has the Sarah Connor personality, but is way too thin. Remember Linda Hamilton in T2? That was a hunted, crazed freedom fighter's mother.

Cars hitting terminators. It must be some sort of magnetic thing. Admittedly, one of them was intentional.

There's a mass issue with little Terminator and big Terminator. Assuming the technology is approximately equivalent, then the big T is about twice the mass of the little T and that's a huge advantage. I know the humans wanted someone who could be John Connor's friend, but how about sending back a big goofy lummox? Or a female member of the basketball team?

Speaking of mass, Cameron is mostly metal and can hold off the big Terminator, and then Lena Headey can just pick her up and toss her through a window?

When they came through to the present, the metal head of big Terminator came through. Metal can't come through the time transporter, that's one of the initial rules of Terminator World. Note that the BFG didn't come through.

I guess cat saliva is an activation substance for Terminator heads.

So, let me get this straight. Somebody took a near-complete robot and tossed it on the scrap heap? And an incredibly awesome BFG? The government and/or military should have been All Over That.

For that matter, there's a freaking Time Machine in the vault! A Freaking Time Machine!
Officer Fred: "Hey, Officer Pete, what's all this junk?"
Officer Pete: "I don't know, Officer Fred, let's just turn it over to the lab."
Jane in the lab: W00t yeah! I'll take that "junk" metal too.

I thought it would have been funny if they'd arrived in 2007, gone to the construction site, and found robots working construction.
Sarah Connor: "Oh, crap."
Cut to Jane's RoboTech incorporated and a metal head and a robot skeleton in glass cases. The robot head sees the YouTube video of naked Sarah Connor and comes alive (who wouldn't).

General logic problems

As they've continued the "Terminator" franchise beyond the first film, some new problems have been created.

Is John Connor really that important? Yes, I agree that you can have great people but great people are often also a product of the times. The future is a very bad time for humanity. Certainly someone else would rise to the occasion and step into the role of resistance leader. I've never seen anything that tells me why John Connor is so important.

First, there was only one terminator and one human coming back in time. Now, we have multiple terminators and as of this episode multiple humans coming back at the same time. If I were the robots in the future I'd send a freaking fleet of terminators back to the same time, have them commandeer a military base, a fighter jet, or a missle silo, find out where John Connor was, and just nuke the place. None of this one-on-one with a handgun action. I guess in the future, robots are pretty dumb.

Yeah, I'll keep watching, but I'll have to remind myself "don't pay too much attention."
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