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story burning a hole in my mind

The latest deathless_pose prompt, "family recipe", immediately grabbed a few story and theme bits that were bouncing around my brain and set them on fire. Specifically: blood as magic, raising kids, parents, old high-school friends, sex roles, and culture conflict.

After a little thought, I had to sit down and write the first scene just to damp the flames. Since then, it's been continuing to burn and is catching up other items as well: old-world grudges in the new world, loss, Eastern European music and food, and the replacement of matriarchies by patriarchies.

I'm going to try to whip out a quick four-scene short story just to get through an initial version, but I think this one has some legs. I'm very interested to see where the wildfire goes and what new earth it leaves in its wake. I have to finish off "When the Party of the First Part", but I'm betting that this one (working title "Seven Drops") ends up being the next big story.

It's wild to have a story take fire like this. This hasn't happened in a while. I think it means I'm either fooling myself, or I'm on to something. We'll see what happens.
Tags: seven drops, writing

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