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TV Comment: "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles" Episode 3 (Jan 21)

I think the theme for this episode of "Sarah Connor Chronicles" (I can finally say it) is "Just what the heck is going on here?" It seems like they were setting up things for a future payoff. At least, I have to assume so. Otherwise, it makes no sense at all

Two of the first three episodes have had a "it's just Sarah's dream" opening. That's two too many. Enough already. Lena Headey did wear a tank top and leather pants in the dream. That part can stay.

First plotline concerned John and T-Cameron going to school while posing as brother and sister. T-Cameron meets a classmate who is (somehow) being teased by strange paintings of doors on the school walls. Huh? I'm not sure what they were supposed to mean, but they were very psychically damaging.

The classmate is so bothered she climbs a building and threatens to jump. T-Cameron won't let John try to save her. Then the girl does jump. And dies. WHAT?!?! What kind of a nasty, mean-spirited show is this? I'm wondering what we were supposed to get from this plotline. And I still don't understand the door paintings.

Another thing: In the first episode, T-Cameron acted like a real teenager. Now, she acts like a weird robot teen. Did the programming suddenly degrade?

The second plotline concerned the Terminator from the first two episodes arranging to get some real skin. Why it needed skin is uncertain, as that trenchcoat/gas mask/hooded jacket combo worked pretty well to keep people from noticing it.

(Note to self: If I want to cut my special effects budget in my future TV shows, I should put my CGI robots in clothes. It apparently works just fine.)

The Terminator finds some random British guy who knows something about skin, gives him the skin-making equation he needed, and they make some bathtub skin. Bathtub skin must include bathtub muscles and tendons because the Terminator doesn't look like it's wearing a cheap robot skin cover. The Terminator also takes the British guy's eyes. Oh-kay, whatever.

Third plotline involved Sarah looking for ex-CyberDyne people who might be helping create SkyNet, using the reference material from the dead time traveling rebels. Miles Dyson's widow identifies one person as an intern. Close-knit company, that CyberDyne. Sarah finds the intern, who is now working in a cell phone store. Sarah charms the intern into dinner and walks on nature trails. You know what *he's* thinking: MILF City, here I come!

Anyway, it turns out that the intern is building a super-duper chess playing AI-powered computer. Sarah is sure it's a SkyNet precursor. She considers popping cell phone guy (by "popping" we mean "killing with a gun"), but instead burns down his house. That's the last time cell phone guy dates a crazy woman he meets in the store. He didn't even get any action at all.

Thus ends the third episode. Not too sure what the skin thing is all about, not too sure what was up with the suicidal classmate, not too sure if burning down the house got rid of SkyNet, not too sure if the plots were supposed to relate to each other at all. I guess we'll have to wait for future episodes to see if anything had any meaning.

During today's SciFiCafe (Friday lunch at work with fellow sci-fi fans), Jim H figured out what happened with SkyNet: The CyberDyne corporation removed all the QA ASSERTs in the final SkyNet code.

For the non-nerds, an ASSERT is a statement that halts the program should the condition become true. So all the SkyNet code lines like:



got removed when they shipped the code. Oops. The result is some serious Blue Screen of Death.

Finally, major utterance of "freaking" by everyone: cops, FBI folks, high schoolers, Sarah, everyone. It was pretty freaking funny. Pret-ty freak-ing fun-ny.

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