jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

How did the Writing-A-Lopolis go?

So I said Friday night was going to be a Writing-A-Lopolis. Here's what I accomplished:

- Revised first three scenes of "Seven Drops" and posted to deathless_pose and LJ. This story is at the "needs thought time" stage now.
- Read and critque the four stories at deathless_pose for last week's prompt "waiting it out".
- Blog posts on: 3000 Calories in a Day; review of latest "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles"; and the Unexpected Letter Blog Game
- Some initial planning of writing activities for the rest of the month and into February.
- Drank two glasses of wine.
- Watched "Shaun of the Dead". Funny, that, then got all touching and gruesome at the end.

Not too bad. I didn't quite get to reading Coyote Wild and picking something to submit. But that can be this afternoon.
Tags: lopolis, writing

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