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conversations with a 13-year-old (an ongoing series), plus bonus

It's 8:30 at night. E is playing with the drawing pencils. I told E to go take her shower 15 minutes ago.

Me: E, you need to take your shower *now*.
E: One second.
(I silently seethe)
Me: E, I need to tell you something.
E: What?
Me: I really don't like the whole "one second" thing.
E: Okay. One minute.

I actually had to laugh at that (of course, I then launched into an explanation for which the summary is "it's not the unit of time that's the problem, it's the attitude of non-cooperation.")

Bonus: Conversation with the 7-year-old

We are listening to the "Folk" Channel. A song comes up that talks about hitchhiking.

A: What's hitchhiking?
C: It's when someone stands by the side of a road with their thumb out and a car stops and gives them a ride.
A: Cool. That sounds like fun.

Needless to say, what followed was a conversation about crazy people and how dangerous hitchhiking (and picking up hitchhikers) is nowadays.
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