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[writing] January Summary

The summary for writing in January:
- Wrote 9400 new words; revision credit of 11300 words
- Wrote 3 stories; revised 4 stories
- Read 73 stories, 19 of them for critiques
- Submitted 1 story
- SOLD 1 story (first sale!)

I wrote 3 new stories:
- "Let Me In, Let Me In" (1866 words)
- "Stars Above and Ice Below" (1140 words)
- "When the Party of the First Part Met the Party of the Second Part (With Addendum and Rider)" (4800 words)
- I started but did not finish "Seven Drops" and re-started "The Dybbuk's Moll"

I revised 4 stories:
- "Apologies All Around" (3 revisions)
- "Crow and Samoset"
- "Samsara" (2 revisions)
- "Echoes of Oceans from a Distant World"

I submitted "Crow and Samoset" to Polyphony 7.

I SOLD "Apologies All Around" to Flash Fiction Online (my first sale!)

All in all, a pretty excellent month

Plans For February:
- Write 500 words every day
- Write at least 2 stories
- Read a story a day
- Critques for SacSpec, Critters, deathless_pose, and maybe Online Writing Workshop.
- Submit at least 2 stories to places.

On to it!
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