jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

the email is storming

We had an "email storm" at work. One can read the Wikipedia entry, but the summary is: Someone accidentally sends an email to a big distribution list, and everyone on the list complains, and then complains about the complaints, and so on...

Contributing factors are:
- People having their email reply defaulting to "Reply to All".
- A knee-jerk reaction to of email (rather than just ignoring it or waiting it out).
- General cluelessness.

We had the standard three stages of the email storm:
1) A bunch of "Take me off this list" emails,
2) A bunch of "Don't reply to all folks, it makes it worse" emails,
3) A bunch of "Are you people all idiots? QUIT REPLYING TO ALL" emails.
All, of course, sent as "Reply to All".
(Extra bonus: Since we're using Outlook, there were also a spate of "so-and-so- would like to Recall this message" emails).

There was the typical smattering of attempts to explain things in helpful language ("someone made a mistake", "here's how you set up a filter"), but those got drowned out.

Finally, someone from on high came down and sent a "We are experiencing an email storm. Here's the action you should take." The storm died down after that.

Total of almost 300 emails sent in 45 minutes, each one about 70K thus using 21M in everyone's pitiful email account storage (don't get me started on that). Amazing.

Me? I set up an Outlook rule to permanently delete the emails based on subject and got back to work. Score one for the nerd.
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