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Sherman's Lagoon makes me laugh; Flying 4 U

Usually it's a chuckle at best, but today's comic was completely LOL.

"Your claws could cut bolts."

How can that *not* work?

In other news, C took A and cousin R skiing today so it's me and E today. After breakfast at the home of brother-in-law D and his wife (and breakfast will be cooked by her parents, who are from India, so I know it will be OMG-delicious), it's going to be E doing homework and me doing writing related activities. All Day Long. Critiques. Writing. LJ "comment" posts. Reading. Who knows, maybe I'll even submit a story somewhere!

And we're going to get E a cell phone. Hopefully that won't take all day.

Finally, no ::dreams of motion:: last night. Just sleep. In some sense I'm disappointed, as I was hoping for a flying dream. I love flying dreams. They're like these Wing Suit Base Jumping videos (1, 2, 3, 4; NOTE: loud music on number 3), only without the bip-boop background music and I can ascend as well as descend. Way cool.
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    Thu, 21:08: Fish on the floor at SeaTac. See you next week!

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    Sat, 20:29: stopover in Ashland on my way back, and the hotel cafe has some GREAT Halloween decorations!

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