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busy busy busy, continued

And today was: up at 6am; Get E up and ready and breakfasted and lunched; eat breakfast and read paper; get A going and to school; take car to station for Smog Test; work meetings and email; prep for math contest club; get car (it passed); Math contest club MOEMS test and MathCounts team announcement and MOEMS grading; dinner; math contest paper prune and organize; talk to Mom and arrange her visit in March; sit with laptop and blog about crazy day.

Somewhere in there (lunchtime) I did a Critters critique so I'm back at 75% and did a touch revision of "Old Town, Old Man, New Man, New Town" so it could be put in the Critters queue for when "Fly, Boy" is done.

Now I'm sitting here with the laptop and I have one more SacSpec critique to do and all of them to type up; some writing to do; and "Samsara" to start looking at.

I actually have a headache. I never have headaches. And I'm yawning a lot, which tells me that there's some stress involved. A workout tomorrow should help.
Tags: busy, life

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