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Movie Comment: Oscar Night 2008

Me, C, and the kids, along with sister S and partner D, watched the Oscars while having guacamole, shrimp, black bean chili, fruit tart and cheesecake. It was a mini-birthday celebration of sorts, since S and D couldn't attend the big birthday gathering last night due to a fundraiser at the theatre.

Overall, the Oscars felt predictable and plain. But I honestly have to say I'm not quite sure what would make the Oscars lively and fun. The Oscars are their own strange little beast, where people accepting awards are given a small amount of time and ruthlessly cut off but the lame pre-award banter and the montages go on and on.

Actually, I liked the fake "Montage to binoculars and periscopes" and "Montage to 'waking up' scenes" the best of all the montages. Even over the "All the people who Died, Died" montage. I was surprised that Heath Ledger got the last spot in that montage over Ingmar Bergman.

This year's dress was red, off one shoulder, and often with a giant fuzzy worm diagonally placed one way or the other. Either that, or the dress looked way too tight up top like everything was being extruded out (for reference, see Jennifer Garner on the red carpet). This year's hairstyle was mid-length and loose, partially covering one eye, then gathered into a ponytail in the back.

Good Jon Stewart joke about how, in the movies, the president is a woman or is black when the movie takes place In The Future. The Future is coming soon, folks! (One can hope).

Wow. "The Bourne Ultimatum" must have had some amazing sound and editing, for it to sweep all those awards like that.

We did several fake "name-checks" during the acceptance speeches, and felt that we were the equal of the stars ("...and Aunt Alanna, and Brad in legal, and Frederick, and Jane, and Moochie, and especially Greta! And Bob! And Hattie!")

Most of the big awards were no surprise, except for the minor upset of Marion Cotillard winning Best Actress over Julie Christie.

Why is it that the foreign actors and the short film and documentary makers do such better acceptance speeches than the big Hollywood folks? Much less name-checking. And does anyone in the US do short live-action films any more?

A's favorite part was, you guessed it, Miley Cyrus! E's favorite part was all the songs from "Enchanted". My favorite part? All the foreign accents from people who you never knew had accents.

And that's the Oscars.
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