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more math contest nerdiness

I did the Math League contest today at the elementary school. We had a great turnout, with 100 kids from 4th through 6th grade taking the contest. Luckily, I had a couple suckers volunteers to help me out with the contest and the principal came by and helped do "kid crowd control" at the start.

Since I had victims volunteers, I only had to score 58 (multiple-choice) tests on my own. This was much better than a few years ago when I ran the contest by myself for 2 elementary schools and scored about 200 contests in one day. I was brain-dead by the end of that day as opposed to today when I was just worn out (especially after running the Math Contest club at the middle school).

The kids did alright, not quite the high scores of years ago, but I believe the test has gotten harder over the last few years much like MathCounts has. We'll see how they do in the region when the results come out in April/May.

Math League is a good contest for a school that wants give math contests a try, as it is a one-time "give it, score it, send in scores, and you're done" contest with no extra prep required. It also has a wide range of question difficulty in one test, so all kids can usually get some right, but it also does challenge the top students.
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