jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

Sacramento is a geek town?

According to the Sacramento Bee, it certainly is.

A bit of a surprise to me, even given the local presence of Intel and HP and the knowledge that Sacramento is supposedly a big sci-fi town. Heck, we had one of the few pre-screenings of "Serenity".

I don't seem to run across many sci-fi people, even at work. There is the small sci-fi lunch club of 5 people, and my spec fic group of 4 people (who were 4 of the 5 self-identified sci-fi people at a writers conference run by the library).

I tend to think of Sacramento as a more fratboy and sorority girl, beers and burgers, pickup trucks and boats, kind of town. In that sense, it's always reminded me of parts of Texas.

Maybe that's just where I live. Or maybe I'm just not social enough. I'll have to keep an eye out for more sci-fi people.

ETA: Fixed the link.
Tags: sacramento, scifi

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