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Read a Story a Day: falling off the wagon in February

Well, most of February was a mess for Read a Story a Day. I think it started when I had the big work push for the software release. The time for that came out of the time for reading. After that, I was bad about keeping track.

So, here's a rough summary of where I got stories I read in February:
- _The Black Lizard Big Book of Pulps_
- _The New Adventures of Ellery Queen_
- _Futures from Nature_
- Realms of Fantasy
- Weird Tales
- Asimovs
- Flash Fiction Online
- Ideomancer
- SacSpecFic critique group
- deathless_pose writing/critique group
- Critters critique group

I've also started reading "The Yiddish Policeman's Union" by Michael Chabon, but I'm only a little of the way in. I read it late late at night, and it's written in present tense, so I don't get very far before going to sleep. Present tense makes me very tired. It's like everything is happening Right Now This Very Minute.

March should be better. I have a lot of plane flights coming up and that's always good reading time. I'm way behind on my SF/F magazines, so I'll catch up on Asimovs, Analog, F&SF, Weird Tales and Realms of Fantasy. I also need to check out some new places so I can submit stories there.
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