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the story that won't leave me alone, and its soundtrack

So I finished a first draft of "The Dybbuk's Moll" a week ago and, as is my custom, I put it aside while I work on other things. This lets the story move out of my mind so that when I return for the revision it is again fresh and I can look at with a new eye.

Though, frankly, this never quite works. My mind is enough of a elephantine rattrap that when I pick up the story again I'm back in its world pretty quickly and I have trouble separating the story in my head from the story on the page in front of me. At least, when I'm not working on it, the story usually doesn't come and bug me too much.

"The Dybbuk's Moll", on the other hand, hasn't quit bugging me since I put it down. I think part of this is that I have other stories that need to be revised by certain submission deadlines (for WOTF, for anthologies, for my own internal deadlines). And I'm avoiding that work.

But another part of it is that I've been listening to the soundtrack for "The Dybbuk's Moll". By that I mean the music I listened to while I wrote the story. For "The Dybbuk's Moll", the soundtrack was "Ken Burns Jazz (Disc 3)" and Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black" specifically the first five tracks ("Rehab" through "Back to Black", especially "You Know I'm No Good").

When I listen to Amy Winehouse, more story pops into my head: new aspects on character, different turns on scenes, bits of dialogue. That association between the music and the story itself is intriguing because it means I could call up a story simply by listening to its soundtrack. It's also a little annoying when I don't want that to happen.

One solution is to avoid listening to the album. But I rather like that album. So, I'll be letting the story cook along with the music. When I return to it, it should be good and ready to go.
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