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random links for Monday

American Presidential Candidates as a Brand (from Summary: Obama is a 21st century brand and can change world perceptions of the US, the rest are 20th century and won't.

Jim Van Pelt gives great info on various Flash Fiction sites including Flash Fiction Online, where he is published this month and I was published last month. It's cool to be in the company of such folks on FFO.

The TED Conference has wrapped up. One day I shall attend this incredibly cool event, but for now I can watch it on the web!

Famous Assassinations: Who Could Doctors Save Today? (via the_flea_king). The time travel crowd will love this one; the best part is the "Medical Attention" description (probing, screams, hand-wringing).

Three lawyers at Concurring Opinions interview Ron Moore and David Eick about "Battlestar Galactica". Here's today's listening, right here.
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