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today in san antonio

In the morning we had breakfast, my sister got us coffee, and then we hung around a bit until it was time to get dressed and head to the church. I managed to get in touch with a couple old San Antonio friends and made plans to meet up.

The service was very nice. Father Chuck, the Episcopal priest, was warm, welcoming, and entertaining. The music was all Nana's favorite hymns and the organist did a great job. Many people came, Mom's friends, folks from the nursing home, and the caregivers. All of them said very nice things about Nana when offering condolences. The ladies at the church made some nice snacks for the reception.

Afterwards, I met my college roommate Bert at the fitness center coffee bar and we talked about what it's like to have kids who are teenagers. Short summary: AAAAAA!

Back home for leftover dinner as donated by Mom's very nice neighbor, and then my sister and I took my brother to the airport then went downtown to attend a show which I saw in the newspaper and knew I had to check out.

The show was two plays. One was "Irish/Chicano" and about interaction between Irish and Chicano soldiers during the Texas/Mexican war. It was fun, but had a feel of the polemic about it.

The other play was what I really went to see. "The Case of the Neon Twins" mixed sci-fi, noir, and mixed-media performance art. I'm sure you can hear me salivating already.

I had fun watching it and really enjoyed what they were doing with the show. I felt there were some flaws in the play and the production, based on my experience as a sci-fi person, a noir person, a drama person, a writer, and a big nerd. But still it pushed all my buttons and I had a lot of fun with it and really liked the experience. And, I got several story ideas while watching it! (Newspaper review here)

Interestingly enough, the writer/producers and actors actually had a session after the play where they asked for audience feedback. Sadly, I kept my mouth shut as I figured that: 1) I didn't want to come off like a know-it-all; 2) I didn't want to dominate the conversation, and 3) I figured everyone else at the session wanted to go home at a decent hour (I could have talked to them all night). What I should have done was gone up to them after the session and said "how about I buy you a beer and we talk about the play?". But I didn't. Bad me. Maybe I'll go back tomorrow night. Or maybe I'll write them a letter.

Now we're back at Mom's house and hanging out and I'm going to tackle some email and some writing before I crash. Tomorrow will be errand day and then Monday it's off to New Mexico.
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