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today in san antonio

Today was very quiet and laid-back. Slept in, had breakfast, went on a coffee run, read the paper, had a shower, and all of a sudden it was noon (darned daylight savings time!)

Opal, one of Nana's caregivers came by and Mom gave Opal's kids some of the extra furniture from Nana's place, since Opal was really wonderful to Nana in her last days. I moved a bunch of stuff from the house to the garage. The pile of things in the garage, from Nana's home and apartment, will be another way Nana stays in our memories :-)

Mom and a friend went and did some shopping, so my sister and I stayed at the house. I did some work and email and noodling on LJ and the Internet, but no writing. Lazy me!

Tonight we're going to pack and have dinner at a Turkish place near Mom. After that I will hopefully be getting together with HZ, my oldest and best friend from grade school and high school who was the best man at my wedding. It would be good to see him and chat and catch up. If I don't get back too late, some writing might occur.

Tomorrow we run a few errands in the morning and then it's off to New Mexico for part two of the journey. I haven't been to New Mexico in a few years, so it will be nice to see that part of the country again.
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