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conversations with a 7-year-old, about funerals (and 2 bonus conversations)

Earlier I had told my 7-year-old, A, about how Nana was going to be cremated and explained the process of cremation to her (ovens and cooking bodies and ashes, etc).

Yesterday, I talked to A before going to the funeral.

Me: Pretty soon, we're going to put on our nice clothes and go to Nana's funeral. All her friends will come and we'll have nice music and remember her.
A: Did you take GrandNana out of the oven yet?

(I explained that we didn't actually cook her in the oven here, but that it was a special place that did it, etc)

BONUS: Conversations with four-year-old, about death and God.

My brother T told his four-year-old son, F, about the death of GrandNana. He said that she had died and was going to see God in Heaven.

T: Do you remember GrandNana? You met her a while ago.
F: Did she have tubes in her nose?
T: Yes, she had tubes because she was sick, her lungs were bad.
F: Will God make her better?
T: Yes, she'll be all better.

Very cute and sweet.

BONUS 2: Conversations with a cat

I went to bed late last night and Mom's cat, Mouser, had plopped herself smack in the middle of my bed on top of the covers. I crawled into bed and began pushing at her to move her over.

Mouser: Excuse me!
Me: Move over, cat.
Mouser: Excuse Me!!
Me: Get over.
Mouser: EXCUSE ME! I'm sleeping here!
Me: Move your butt over.

I tried to push Mouser over from under the covers, but by that point she had harnessed all the forces of gravity to increase her weight to the point where she was immobile. I declared defeat and arranged myself around her.

The cat wins again.
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