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behind schedule on the writing

I did a quick review of my writing plans after returning from Texas and New Mexico, and I've realized I'm behind schedule. I'm not surprised, because I had less writing time in TX/NM than I thought I would (I don't know what I was expecting).

I was supposed to finish the revision of "Diwali" and send it to SacSpecFic for critique at this week's meeting. That didn't happen, "Diwali" was more unwieldy than I thought, so I revised "The Straw That Shines Like The Sun" and sent it to them.

I'm also supposed to be well into the revision of "Fly Boy" and "Real Space" as they both have places to go. "Real Space" needs to go to the BayCon Writers Workshop ASAP, and "Fly Boy" is going to submitted for an anthology by the end of March, *and* "Diwali" is going to WOTF by the end of March.

So what do I do? I grab an old prompt from deathless_pose ("displaced gods") and start on a new story called "Home is the Wind".

Bad Yeff! Bad! Yes, it's "Write, Revise, Submit" but you're really slacking on the REVISE and SUBMIT part of the deal. Get on it, dude. No more new stories for you! ::smacks hand with ruler::
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