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TV Comment: LOST "Ji Yeon" (Season 4, Episode 7)

Summary: It's mostly about Sun and Jin, along with some events on the boat. The writers mess around with the audience. And, as a side note: Man, I'm good. I nailed the big reveals in this episode.

It's funny how much this show likes to mess with the audience's head. When I first saw Sun very pregnant, I thought "Sun was pregnant in the past?" Then I realized it was a flash-forward. So, when I saw Jin getting a panda I thought it was also a flash-forward. Then, no, it's a flashback. The writers are evil, just evil.

Really, not a lot happened in this episode. Sun and Jin threatened to go to Locke's side, so Juliet made the big tell about Sun's affair. But after a conversation with good old Bernard, Jin decided to forgive Sun and they make up. That whole plot just smelled of writer manipulation but it works because you want Sun and Jin to keep being happy.

In the future, Sun has the baby after some temporary problems. And that's it. That whole plot is just to play with the audience ("c-section, no wait, no c-section") and trick them with the Jin panda scenes.

So once we get beyond the fact that most of the show, while nice, was primarily plot trickery, what's left? The two big reveals.

#1) Michael is on the boat, and is certainly Ben's "man on the boat". Well, duh. Did anyone *not* see this coming? (Well, anyone beyond my pal Jim at work. Jim, I told you so!). Ben's got something on Michael (Walt, perhaps?) and Michael is trying to keep the boat from the island. How much longer until the freighties figure out "hey, maybe the problem is that new guy over there, the one cleaning up"?

#2) Sun got off the island, Jin didn't. This seemed pretty obvious to me, as the creators aren't going to kill off pregnant Sun (thus she has to get off the island) and leaving Jin behind creates instant dramatic tension. And no, he's not dead. Note the day of death: 9-22-2004, the day of the crash. He's alive, along with a lot of other LOSTies (and as Hurley said "we have to go back"). And now we have a timeline for getting off the island: 3 weeks (or pregnant Sun is in serious danger). That'll take another season or so to happen.

COOL WEB FIND: I was playing around with the "timeline" pages at LostPedia. They are very useful, especially the flash-forward pages. An interesting fact I learned was: When Jack goes to the funeral, it's about 2 *years* after getting off the island. Woah. Nice way to look out for your friends, Jack.

Next week we'll get what happened to Michael in his month off the island, which should be intriguing (especially because it has only been a month), and then we'll have a break. Supposedly, the end of the next episode is a real brain-melter. What could it be? Penny's Boat?

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