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math contest and musicals

Spent most of the day at the State MathCounts competition in UC Davis. I was there both as coach of the middle school team and as a volunteer grader for the competition.

As always, the level of competition was incredibly high. There are some very bright middle schoolers. The tests have gotten harder but four students were about 40 points (out of 46), a score I think I'd have trouble getting under the competition constraints.

The middle school kids did okay, not as good as I had hoped. They seemed to have backed off during the year and not been a serious about it.

We returned from the math contest and I took a brief break before taking E to her indoor soccer game. During that game I wrote more on "Home is the Wind and the Sky", a new story.

We came back from indoor soccer and I quickly changed before we all headed out to see "Putnam County 25th Annual Spelling Bee". The show has been on tour and was making a Sacramento stop.

It was a real blast with tremendously enjoyable and well-done characters and a real sharp sense of humor. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a good time for the evening and if you're lucky you might be able to go on stage and compete within the show. I missed out on the chance to register. Oh well. They probably wouldn't have picked me anyway because of my drama experience. I had more fun watching from the audience. It was very funny with some strong laughts and I'd definitely see it again.

After that long, long day I crashed and slept like a rock. Busy day indeed.
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