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off to Norwescon

I'm hanging out in SMF, waiting for the Alaska flight to Seattle for Norwescon.

This should be a fun con. I have two critique sessions, for "The Fishing Trip" and "The Game of Chase", and I'm looking forward to them. I still need to read works by a few of my critiquers so I have a sense of where they're coming from when they give feedback.

I've also made appointments to chat with a couple of sci-fi pros. They've very kindly agreed to answer some questions about the craft, in exchange for a drink or food or both. Writers are very nice that way.

VPXI pals markteppo and topayz4, along with VP alum Erin Tidwell, will be there so we will definitely have some Official VP Good Times. I couldn't find my pin, but I think they'll recognize me by the bald head, tie-dye shirt, and kilt (positively mundane wear at Norwescon). Anyone else reading this blog please say "hi" if you see me there.

I'll definitely attend the Fetish Fannish Fashion Show, Sci-Fi Match Game, the live Rocky Horror Picture Show, the "Blade Runner" midnight showing, and the Masquerade and volunteer to help set up or run one or more of those. Volunteering is good.

Beyond the big stuff, there's some panels that look interesting based on what I see on the schedule. I will also be hanging out in the bar or the coffee lounge writing, as there is much writing to be done.

I'll try to do daily reports on the blog, depending on how things go. The sick still seems to be on the edge - sleep, water, and throat lozenges are helping keep it at bay.

Norwescon! Woohoo! It's about my favorite con, for the variety of events and things at the con. Should be a blast!
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