jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

conversations with a 14-year-old (an ongoing series): Lollipops and Symbolism

E came home from school yesterday with a big, giant, pointy lollipop, all spirally with multiple colors (like a unicorn horn).

E: Check out what I got at school!
Me: That's a pretty huge lollipop.
C: It looks very phallic.
E: What does "phallic" mean?
Me: Hold on, I'll get the dictionary.

I go get the dictionary and open it to the page with "phallic". I hand the dictionary back to E.

Me: Don't read this yet. Wait a second.

I walk to the opposite end of the house.

Me: Go ahead and read it!
Me: I knew I'd be able to hear that.

It was pretty funny.
Tags: family, kids

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