jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

conversations with a 7-year-old (an ongoing series): Cars and Laws

It's earlier in the evening, and I'm driving A to rock climbing club.

A: Daddy?
Me: Yes.
A: How come dogs can ride in the front seat no matter how old they are, but I can't ride in the front seat?

(I take some time for the question to really sink in.)

Me: Well, that's because dogs are animals and kids are people, and we care more about people getting hurt so we make more laws about people.
A: If I sat in the front seat, the airbag could hit me in the throat and hurt me.
Me: Yeah. That's part of why you sit in the back seat.
A: But the airbag could hurt dogs too.
Me: That's true.

(A is quiet for a minute)

A: Dogs shouldn't be allowed to ride in the front seat.
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