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in which I receive my just desserts

Not quite a week ago, I noted that I had mentally committed myself to a bunch of things by March 31 and really regretted the mental commitment because I was producing poor quality work.

Well, I have received my just desserts for my lack of foresight. CatsCurious said "no" on Wednesday (but ckastens got it, so that's cool) and tonight I received the "no" from the Taking Flight anthology. The editor said, basically, that the story was a mess and not original (my words, not his). And, he's right. I knew that rushing it was going to produce a sub-standard story and that's what happened. And I'm fairly sure that when the WOTF results come around, it will be a "no place".

It's not the "no"s that upset me. I can take those just fine. It's the knowledge that I didn't produce anywhere near my best work, and it was my own danged fault. Sheesh. Sucks to be me.

I'll go through my "be depressed today, get back to work tomorrow" cycle, and a milkshake (dessert), a glass of wine and some John Denver will be the balms. Onward.
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