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Sports Comment: Stanford Women's Basketball is going to the Championship!

The Stanford women beat Connecticut and are going to the championship game!. (That's *former* Number One Connecticut).

Totally excellent. Stanford-UConn was a good game between two good teams. Stanford just seemed to keep control the whole way and have a little bit more when it counted, mainly in the form of Candice Wiggins (by the way, that's four-time All-American and Player of the Year Candice Wiggins). Seems like Candice decided "I think I'll rebound tonight" and pulled down 12 boards, her career high. Oh yeah, and 25 points. This kid is doing whatever it takes.

And if, in beating UConn, Stanford dealt with some powerful East Coast Evil then next up is the biggest, most powerfulest, East Coast Evil of them all: Tennessee (everybody now: "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO").

Tennessee is big, strong, tough, and led by their superstar, 6'4" Candace Parker. Pat Summitt will drive that team to do their best. This should be a fantastic game.

Jayne Appel's going to have to pick it up against Candace Parker. Sunday against UConn, Jayne looked like she'd been hauling dirt all day Saturday. Dragging city. Yet, she had 15 points and 10 boards. Go figure.

Tuesday night! Go STANFORD!
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