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in which I get all "Bill Clinton"

No, not *that* way.

I'm a briefs guy. Specifically I'm a low-rise briefs guy. They're comfortable, they don't sag, they don't bunch up and create an insta-thong action. I like them, and if I can get cool patterns I'm very happy.

Used to be, you could buy low-rise briefs everywhere. Target had a nice selection in many patterns. Now, you can't. Target doesn't have them. Mervyn's doesn't have them. Sears, Nordstrom, etc.

What you can get, everywhere, is "boxer briefs". These are some odd, long, tight brief-like thing that looks like cycling shorts. The top is near the bellybutton, the bottom is halfway down the thigh. I don't like those. I have big thighs and the briefs ride up. And, they're too warm.

When I look at boxer briefs, I wonder if they're the male equivalent of a girdle or control-top pantyhose (though less severely constricting). Keep the gut in, tighten the waist, shape the butt, and you can even have a pouch if you want.

Just doesn't work for me. So my search continues, most likely on the Internet...
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