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[writing] whew! I made it through "The Reality of Space"

A big push over the last few days, a final hard shove to finish and rewrite from Wednesday night through Thursday morning, and the near-complete revision of "The Reality of Space" is done. I sent it off to the BayCon writing workshop early in the morning.

Folks who were at the Orycon 2007 Open Reading and Critique will recognize the story as what I then called "Real Space". I read the first scene (8-9 pages) during the second ORC session and received a very positive response. I'm keeping the concept under wraps, but if you think about the title for a while you might just figure it out.

This was a very challenging and tough story. I finally broke the back of the plotline about a week ago, then had to hustle hard in what time I could find to essentially rewrite the entire story. I also worked on putting more emotional depth into it, trying to move from the "eye in the sky" to the "eye in the head". Hopefully I didn't lose all the good stuff in the process. We'll see how it goes at BayCon.

The story clocked in at 9400 words, so I actually had to pull out a scene and summarize it to make the BayCon 7500 word limit. I'll be interested to see how *that* plays. But the story is definitely a true novella (7K-17K words) so before submission it will rightfully earn some expansion. Which would make it the first true novella I've ever written ("Brand Loyalty" doesn't count, as I didn't really finish it).

Now I'm going to tackle revising and submitting some shorter stories, along with putting some words in on "Robot in Furs" which has languished during my push on "The Reality of Space". Onward.

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