jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

the art that now graces the family room wall

A couple days ago, I mentioned we bought some art at the Second Saturday Art Show in downtown.

Well it's now up on the wall, and I've included pictures of the four pieces for public enjoyment.

(Click on the pics to see a larger version)

The artist explained his process to us Saturday night and I didn't catch all the details, but a rough summary is: he paints a canvas, attaches paper to it, takes a big picture of someone on photo paper, carefully peels off the top layer of the photo paper, attaches that on top of the paper, then gets the whole thing into a solid piece. I think it's a pretty cool result.

The artist's name is Matt McCord and he has a website and a myspace page. Both are mostly about his music. Check him out! He makes cool art.

Tags: art

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