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persistence is the key, the key is persistence

During and after Norwescon, several authors told me variants of the same philosophy: Persistence is a big key to achieving things with your writing.

Dean Wesley Smith put an entry on his site about his persistence and the good results he got from it.

At Viable Paradise, we took the Viable Paradise Oath which can be summarized as "Write. Revise. Submit. Repeat."

It's finally starting to sink in. "This Moment" came back from Asimov's, I sent it to F&SF. It came back from F&SF yesterday, I'm going to send it out again somewhere tomorrow. And now I'm sending "Samsara" to F&SF. I'm finishing a revision on "Echoes of Oceans" and sending it out tonight. After that, it's quick revisions on "Stars Above and Ice Below" and "The Accountant and the Octopus" and out they go. Then, it's "The Fishing Trip." And there's plenty in the queue after those, for writing, for revising, and for submitting.

By the end of this month I will have sent more submissions out in 2008 that I did in 2005-2007. This is good. I'm learning persistence. I like it.
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